Professional Seated Passenger Transportation in Grenoble (TAP)

Are you looking for a seated patient transportation service in Grenoble? Transportation of people is the core profession of our drivers here at Taxis Marillet. Our certified transportation service allows you to visit the health establishment of your choice from the hospitals and clinics in Grenoble and the surrounding region (Grenoble University Hospital, Grenoble Mutual Hospital Group, clinic, etc.).


Professional seated passenger transportation is a service aimed at seated transportation for people with medical requirements. This individual method of transportation may be in the form of a medical utility vehicles or any other taxi certified by the Health Authorities. This is the case of Taxis Marillet. Professional seated passenger transportation is recommended in such instance as a patient needs to travel without requiring an ambulance (no stretcher, no carrying, etc.). The medical practitioner will decide which transportation method is the most appropriate before travel. There are several cases in which patients require medical transportation: hospitalisation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, workplace accidents, occupational illness, treatment for a Long Term Illness or Disease, etc. Our taxi firm in Grenoble makes great efforts to ensure your comfort and offer a pleasant service to your hospital or home. Seated medical transportation requires a high degree of professionalism from the taxi driver and company. This long- or short-distance transportation service requires punctuality so as to make sure you are not late for your appointment thanks to our experienced drivers./r/n

If you cannot arrange travel by your own means (personal vehicle, public transport, etc.), you can call on the services of a professional seated medical transportation company for travel to all destinations in and around the Grenoble area with Taxis Marillet.

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