General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The below terms and conditions are applicable to all passengers using our services:

  1. Payment for travel is usually made at the end of your journey, aside for in any exceptional circumstances (long distance, late arrival time, etc. (list non exhaustive)). If, due to any exceptional situation, we are forced to cancel a booking for reasons outside of our control, no compensation may be claimed by the client.

  2. Clients udnertake to accept the general terms and conditions of sale even if booking is made by telephone.

  3. We reserve the right to commission another service in our transportation range (public road transportation of passengers or chauffeur driven vehicle) or charter a sub-contractor so as to take our clients to their destination, ensuring that we duly notify them in advance of the situation and all changes to prices which may ensue. The estimated price will therefore be final and fixed in line with legislation, even if there is an upgrade to our service.

  4. Where a booking requires a pick-up from a railway station, airport, air terminal or port, and the train, flight/helicopter or boat is delayed, the waiting time may be invoiced at the tariffs in force (cf price leaflet on our site under "Price Guide" or "Online Estimate"). This additional cost will be included in the final price.

  5. Bookings may only be cancelled by telephone or email. Cancellation should be made by the latest 24 hours before the transfer date. Beyond this time we may invoice the client for the estimated cost of transfer as calculated on this website and/or indicated in booking documents. In case of a No-Show the estimated price of the journey will be invoiced.

  6. All client luggage is accepted, including ski bags or snowboards, golf kits, subject to sufficient space onboard the vehicle and that the luggage does not cause any dirtying or irreparable damage to the vehicle.

  7. We reserve the right to refuse access to the vehicle to any person clearly under the influence of alcohol and/or draugs and whose behaviour may be considered as threatening to other passengers and the driver.

  8. All taxis are no smoking vehicles. Passengers are kindly requested not to eat or drink alcohol onboard.

  9. We, and any sub-contractors, will strive to do everything possible so as our vehicles always arrive on time at the meeting point agreed and drop off clients at the agreed time and destination. However, we hereby waive all liability in the event of any delay due to events outside of our control. Such events do sometimes prevent us from achieving our high standards and may include: . Road-traffic accidents slowing down journey times. Road-traffic accidents stopping traffic. Exceptional weather conditions. Police checks. Vandalism and terrorism. Unexpected traffic jams. Strikes or protects blocking roads. Problems caused by other passengers. Failure to respect the pick-up time by customers. Any action or incident which may affect the safety and security of other passengers. Finally, if this delay is our fault and you miss your connection with any other means of transportation, we undertake to compensate you by offering a service of the equivalent amount as the journey undertaken.

  10. Carriers and drivers who undertake transfers all hold a taxi parking permit, registered with the list of personal transportation carriers and/or register of chauffeur driven personal transportation firms. Vehicles used for these transfers are fully insured for the transportation of passengers, pursuant to French law.

  11. Contrary to many operators, our clients luggage is insured up to a certain ceiling. Although we always take great care over your luggage, we prefer to add this insurance cover for increased peace of mind when you are travelling.

  12. We may only be held liable for predictable and reasonable events which cause us to breach the contract.

  13. These general terms and conditions are governed by French law.

  14. In the event of any dispute, Grenoble Commercial Court holds jurisdictional competence.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale up to date as at 29/12/2020

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