Grenoble Taxi Firm offering high-quality personal transportation services

Personal transportation is our job here at Taxis Marillet, grenoble taxi and the Grenoble region. Our taxi firm focuses on quality so as to offer our clients an excellent level of satisfaction and the very best possible user experience. Regardless of your needs, our certified taxies will be there to take you in total peace of mind to any destination you require.


Do you need a personalised transportation solution? Can't afford to wait for the bus? Our drivers will be delighted to take you where you wish and come to collect you from anywhere.

As an expert in Grenoble and the Grenoble region, and no stranger to all of its hidden streets, your driver will offer a flawless service and always be punctual to help you arrive on time avoiding traffic as much as possible in the Grenoble area.

Our transportation services is available for all requirements and notably all transportation capacities: business travel, medical transportation (seated medical transport), sight-seeing, group transportation, connecting passenger transportation, elderly person transportation... Across all distances, to any destination and for all passengers, the professionalism shown by our drivers will offer you increased serenity and comfort for your [journeys in the Rhône Alpes region] (/destinations-taxi).


Ordering a taxi has never been so easy thanks to the Taxis Marillet online booking service. Our vehicles can be adapted to suit your needs (transportation for large capacities and long distances) for your comfort and budget. People carrier, tourism vehicle, or saloon... We have everyhing you could need all in the trusted hands of Taxi Marillet drivers in the Grenoble region. Do you want an idea of how much your journey would be before travelling?