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It is still light and my Taxi fare is higher than usual. Why is this?

The Taxi night rate in Grenoble and elsewhere does not depend on sunrise or sunset but on the hours set by different resolutions (prefectoral and municipal). In Grenoble, the night period for Taxis is from 19.00 to 07.00, and all day on Sundays and public holidays, and also for snowy or icy roads.

I pay more than the meter displays.

On some taxi meters (old ones), the supplements cannot be added on. In this case, the total amount is higher than what it says on the meter. However, if you have a taxi ride which includes a toll route, and in view of the technical impossibility of adding this amount to the meter, the total amount of the journey will be higher than the displayed amount. It is possible that some taxis charge non-regulatory supplements, in which case these supplements can be added to the price for the journey.

I saw the taxi driver touch the meter during the journey.

The taxi driver might have to touch the meter throughout the journey to adjust the hourly rate, to change the rate to match the point of origin or to add on supplements (for meters equipped to do so).

A taxi driver refused to give me a receipt or wanted me to pay for it.

These practices are both forbidden. The issue of a receipt is of course free and compulsory upon request of the client or for a total amount in excess of €25. It is recommended that you immediately report such abuse by registered mail to the town hall that issued the taxi parking permit of the said offender in order to curb these practices.

I pay the same price for the same journey in a high-end taxi or a low-end taxi, but at the resort I was not able to choose my vehicle. Have I the right to choose?

As the rates are fixed by prefectoral decree, it is normal to pay an identical price per kilometre between 2 taxis from the same department, for example in Grenoble. The type, the brand and the model of the vehicle do not affect the final price. It is therefore normal to want to prioritise a premium vehicle, such as our taxis over an entry-level vehicle. Please note that consumers are free to take the vehicle of their preference, even if this does not please the drivers in front, and contrary to what you may be told. (Decisions of the DGCCRF, Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Repression of Fraud, now DIRECCTE, Regional Department of Enterprise, Competition, Consumer Affairs, Labour and Employment).

I have just taken a taxi which attracted my attention at the station/airport but there were no taxi lights on its roof.

This is a fraudulent act of soliciting. Even if the driver's papers are in order (in the best case), this soliciting is forbidden (even for taxis) whether this is in Grenoble or elsewhere, and all other transport profession, the driver does not have the right to talk customers unless they have been ordered and can supply proof (SMS, email, mail, fax), it is considered a crime. If the latter is not a certified transporter, this is a severely punishable crime. Transporting people for a fee is subject to specific authorisations and insurance. In the event of an accident, you would not be covered. Think of your safety.

I ordered a taxi, but a "private" car came to collect me. Is this legal?

There are different forms of fee-paying transport available for people to hire. All have unique specifications (we will not go into the details of motorcycle transport). If you have ordered your transport in advance, and the price does not exceed that of a taxi, the method of transport is the same as a taxi (individual, exclusive and private, with no other passengers on board), then you are not subject to any damage, and you may be even receiving an upgraded service. But the least we can do is warn the customer. Here are the different forms of transport:
- Taxis: They have lights on the roof, a meter and a plate attached to the vehicle. The rate cannot be fixed in advance or exceed the amount on the meter (apart from the exceptions stated above).
- Tourist cars with driver: Previously called “Grande Remise”, these vehicles are not different apart from their sticker at the bottom left of the windshield summarising the registration with Atout France which starts with EVTC. The rates are fixed and defined in advance. They represent elite road passenger transport.
- Public road passenger transport: They can transport more or less eight passengers, according to the approved licence. The details of the company must appear on the vehicle and a sticker must be placed on the vehicle showing the license number. They are often called coach companies or carriers. The prices are often set in advance and are part of an overall package or sold at the time of travel. They are the only ones that can transport more than eight passengers.
- Patient transports cards: these vehicles are only used to transport patients. They are easily recognisable by their white colour and blue star on the bonnet.
Note that only a taxi can pick you up without advance booking, but only in their town. Different taxis are recognisable by the different colours of the covers on the lights on the roof (in Grenoble they are yellow) and by the town written above as well as on the rear plates riveted under the registration plaque (for Isère). If you get into a taxi which you did not order and is linked to a town other than the one you are in, this constitutes illegal transportation.
In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, we may need to transport you to a vehicle other than our taxis, still in strict accordance with the regulations, and you will be notified at the time of ordering or before the service is due to start, giving you sufficient time for you to seek an alternative if our proposal does not suit you.
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